About kennel

Its starts very common, from looking for a dog which will look after house. I didn’t want any barking all day long mongrel, because I am among others finished the agricultural school and I know that what is the race it is the race. But how to find the dog which is barking only when it is necessery. Besides it was going to be my first personally dog, not whole family or neighbourhood. So that I should take a books, but our generation is rather laisy, so I start searching in the Internet, because I didn’t want to let myself leave from Small Moscow (read Legnica) with all ferniture. I always like all Haskis, but those flower kids, will draw sleigh even with thief and near iglo they are very reserved. I don’t have time for looking them every day at different party, and after finding they pretend that they don’t know the owners. I realise that I need dog, which will be my really friend, cleverly bark, defend its area and have good character. I would like to join this features with snowy spitzs, which I like so much. I started searching from the letter A and at it I finished. I read all available description of Akita race, I look through photos, I called to one of breeder to make sure that this what is written is really true or only advertisement? And it was happend… The first Akitu inu put its paw at my property in December 2004. His name is Platon, and his is really thinker. As it is not good for men (and dog) to be alone I make him suprise – beautiful NAMI-GO (father OKII property. Mather SAKE Fukura). It was in September 2005. In December 2007 join us YORITOMO (father BOS Kumade Jr.ChPl. ChPl. Int.Ch., mother AKIRA Furia). In 2007 those dogs was registered as NAMITORI breeding in FCI and now I slowly prepare my dogs to aware motherhood and fatherhod by the solid school and exhibitions (more about them in Exhibitions). Now I know that more Akita it’s less.. to be continued.